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"The GE Fanuc IC693CHS391 is an expansion plate with ten slots. This expansion plate is designed with a slot at the left end of the baseplate especially for the power supply. The unique size of this slot ensures it is only compatible with a power supply. The user should ensure that the IC693CHS391 is connected to the CPU in the first slot of its baseplate. The first slot of the baseplate supports the CPU module which is labeled CPU/1. This module is permitted to have only one CPU baseplate per system. If there is more than one baseplate in the system, then another one must be either Remote or Expansion baseplate. The IC693CHS391 consists of many slots of which slot number 2 and the slots above will have a unique size which is used to connect either option modules or I/O modules. This module is provided with a 25-pin female connector in its right end to connect to the remote or expansion baseplate. Both remote and expansion baseplates should be connected to the system with a CPU. The n

Ordering Code TCL-0560
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
RRP £142
Sale Price £105
Stock 9