Rotating Equipment Tester without Sensors

The Artesis AMT Pro is a portable test system for motor driven equipment which automatically generates a condition assessment report within 15 minutes. The report will include existing electrical mechanical and operational faults, time to failure information, recommended corrective actions, and effects of faults on energy efficiency.

System Highlights

  • Immediate payback by corrective action
  • Instant condition assessment report
  • Advanced analysis and reporting
  • No sensors on motor or equipment
  • Improved efficiency and reliability of plant and processes
  • Increased machine availability
  • Advanced spectrum and waveform tools
  • Immediate report generation with actionable information
  • Access to hard to reach applications
  • Cloud integration


AMT Pro is compatible with, 3 phase AC Motor of fixed and variable speed, Generators, Compressors, Fans, Pumps, Conveyors, Motor Driven Equipment

  • Automated Fault Diagnosis
  • Immediate report generation with actionable information
  • Advanced spectrum and waveform tools
  • Access to hard to reach applications
  • Cloud integration (wifi)
  • Short test time (7-10 minutes)
  • Simple and easy test procedure
  • Live motor testing
  • Portable, battery powered

How it works

Watch the video (2:09) for an overview of how the AMT Pro works.

What Is Measured?

AMT Pro measures 3 phase Voltage and 3 phase current at 2500 Hz sampling rate. Motor tests are completed in under 10 minutes, yielding an automatic test report indicating motor health with bar charts, a list of electrical parameters and PSD (Power Spectral Density) results. The test results simultaneously sync to the secure cloud-based server allowing access to the reports on an IoT (Internet of Things) platform.


  • Interturn short circuit (the early phase of turn-to-turn short circuit)
  • Phase-to-phase short circuit
  • Impedance unbalance or shift
  • Insulation degradation
  • Soft foot (stator deformation)
  • Loose foot (bolt loose)
  • Winding overheating
  • Winding looseness
  • Lamination looseness

Power Monitoring Report


Power Monitoring Screenshot