TCL | Compressor Controls

Compressor Controls

Control and monitoring of reciprocating, centrifugal and axial compressors, including:

Surge Control

We can provide a standalone device to provide compressor surge protection or include the control within a more comprehensive upgrade. e.g. the algorithms can be included in a processor which is providing fuel governor control functions. The necessary speed of response is achieved by programming a suitable interrupt period for the surge functions. The operating envelope of a compressor can be divided up into two sections; stable operation and surge, beyond the surge line the compressor surges. The surge controller is designed to maintain stable operation and keep the compressor out of the surge area. Compressor surge is the phenomenon of flow reversal caused by operating a compressor outside the limitations of its operating envelope. We have designed a surge controller to maintain stable operation of a compressor using the head and flow (impeller eye) signals and a recycle valve. The surge control is performed based on measured pressure rise (head) versus flow (impeller eye differential pressure). We have proven experience having implemented a surge control at a number of gas turbine compressor sites.

We can also provide control solutions for:

  • Auxiliary controls
  • Start-up and shutdown