TCL | PECC ACT2000 Actuator

ACT2000 Actuator

PECC developed the ACT2000 and its family of all-electric linear actuated products as a replacement for older pneumatic and hydraulic technologies. Designed for high-temperature, hazardous environments, the ACT2000, and all PECC actuators employ patented design features including an explosion-proof, onboard electronic controller ensuring safe operation in the most demanding conditions. The ACT2000 is not sensitive to mounting orientation and therefore can be aligned in any position, to work in a variety of applications creating a flexible and cost-effective solution. This includes actuation for guide vanes and bleed valves on turbine engines, and steam valves in the process industry.

Proven to minimise downtime by achieving over 30,000 hours.

Mean-Time-Between-Unscheduled-Removals [MTBUR], the all-electric ACT2000 features include a 6-inch stroke capability and onboard electronics. This enables precise closed-loop positioning through a compact, highly reliable brushless DC motor and ball screw drive mechanism, coupled with an integral resolver.

Each ACT2000 has an internal health monitoring system that provides fault and over-temperature information to the user, allowing real-time monitoring of critical parameters and facilitating predictive maintenance to reduce overall engine downtime.

Programmable to develop over 1200 lbf (pounds force), the all-electric ACT2000 can travel up to 10 inches per second. It is capable of achieving extremely tight positioning accuracy, better than ±1% of full stroke. Utilising its unique software, the ACT2000 can be programmed for linear or non-linear stroke characteristics, facilitating optimal engine efficiency.

  • 120VDC Operation @ 2 Amp Typical
  • Integrated Digital Electronics
  • -40 to 200°F Operating Range
  • 4-20 mA Control/Feedback Interfaces
  • 24VDC Logic I/O Interfaces
  • Accuracy 1% of full Stroke (5.9 Inches)
  • 500 lbF Continuous Force
  • 10 Inches/sec Velocity
  • RS232 Programmable Stroke Calibration
  • 4-wire Power Harness; 17-wire Sig Harness
  • CSA/ATEX/CE Certified
  • Weight: 35Lbs
  • U.S. Patent No. 6,392,322