TCL | HFG2.0 Gas Fuel Metering Valve

HFG2.0 Gas Fuel Metering Valve

Specifically designed for high-temperature hazardous applications, PECC’s all-electric HFG2.0 gas valve provides precise control for main and pilot, Dry Low Emission (DLE) applications. The patented design features include a balanced flow metering section and an explosion-proof, on-board electronic controller, ensuring a reliable and safe operation. The HFG2.0 also includes proprietary pressure-energised valve seals, making this valve leak-tight and eliminating the requirement for redundant shutoff valves.

The HFG2.0 provides natural gas flow rates of up to 30,000 PPH and is over ten times faster than hydro-mechanical alternatives. Installing the all-electric HFG2.0 valve eliminates the need for plumbing and hydraulic pumps normally associated with hydro-mechanical valves, which significantly reduces the costs of installation labour and maintenance. Each actuator is able to develop over 1200 lbf (pounds force), ensuring it is contamination resistant. The digital controller provides precise movement of the brushless DC motor, while a non-contacting resolver provides position feedback. Demonstrating more than 30,000-hour Mean-Time-Between-Unscheduled-Removals [MTBUR], the all-electric HFG2.0 gas fuel metering valve has proven to minimise down lime.

Other special features include valve travel from fully closed to fully open with a typical response time of less than 120 milliseconds and its wetted materials are NACE compliant. HFG2.0 valve bodies are available in either anodized Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

  • 120VDC Operation @2 Amp Typical
  • Integrated Digital Electronics
  • -40 to 200°F Operating Range
  • 4-20 mA Control/Feedback Interfaces
  • 24VDC Logic I/O Interfaces
  • Fail-safe Operation (600 Lb Spring)
  • 100 msec Response Time (10-90% Stroke)
  • RS232 Programmable Stroke Calibration
  • 4-wire Power Harness; 17-wire Sig Harness
  • CSA/ATEX/CE Certified
  • Max Operating Pressure: 500 PSIG
  • Max Flow CdA: 1.0
  • Weight: 100 Lbs