Overspeed Protection

Electronic overspeed protection systems to replace old analogue electronic or mechanical devices. Systems can be SIL 3 according to IEC 61508.

Mechanical and older analogue overspeed trip systems are prone to:

  • Drift of the setpoint resulting in inconsistent operation.
  • The turbine has to run in order to test them.
  • Hard to maintain and scarcity of spares.

Microprocessor based overspeed systems offer the following advantages:

  • Can be tested whilst the turbine is shutdown.
  • Operating setpoint is constant.
  • Improved diagnostics.

The scope of supply may include:

  • Panel mounted monitor with test signal injector.
  • Magnetic or eddy current type speed probes.
  • Signal cabling.
  • Installation design.
  • Setup and testing of the complete system.
Probes Installed on PT Casing
Overspeed Probes