TCL | Tempreture Spread Monitor

Temperature Spread Monitor

Monitoring the spread of temperature in the exhaust gases can lead to early detection of combustor and burner faults and can prevent catastrophic failure of a plant. TCL have developed a cost-effective solution to gas turbine exhaust temperature spread monitoring.

Front View
TSM Display

The TM41-TSM can be configured to monitor up to 24 thermocouple inputs. Standard versions are available for the following gas turbines:

  • RR Avon/RB211/Olympus;
  • Ruston TD4000/TB5000/Tornado/Typhoon;
  • LM2500/5000/6000/1600;
  • GE Frame 3/5/6/7/9;
  • Solar Mars/Centaur/Saturn



  • Up to 24 Thermocouple inputs.
  • 8 Digital inputs, can be configured for:
    • alarm/trip inhibit.
    • Remote alarm accept/reset.


  • 8 Digital outputs, can be configured for:
    • Alarm initiation.
    • Trip initiation and indication.
    • Sensor fault.
    • Hardware fault.


The spread monitor is programmed to perform functions in accordance with engine manufacturer's specification. The functionality for a Rolls Royce Avon, Olympus & RB211 is summarised as:

  • Signal validation;– discount faulty inputs and alarm.
  • Calculate average of healthy thermocouples.
  • Calculate deviation of individual from average.
  • Alarm on deviation exceeding alarm setpoint.
  • Trip on deviation exceeding trip set point or number of failed thermocouple inputs exceeds set point.

Operator Interface

The Operator panel is a 6" backlit LCD touchscreen display

Visual Display of important parameters to enable the operator to make quick and informed decisions on the status of the gas turbine. These parameters include:

  • Logic I/O Status.
  • Bar graph and Digital display of analogue values.
  • Alarm and trip alphanumeric message, time and date stamped.
  • Trend plot to view temperatures.

Commissioning modes will allow you to ease fault finding, set up forcing of outputs and adjustment of control parameters (Gains, setpoints etc.)