Temperature Spread Monitor

Monitoring the spread of temperature in the exhaust gases can lead to early detection of combustor and burner faults and can prevent catastrophic failure of a plant. TCL have developed a cost-effective solution to gas turbine exhaust temperature spread monitoring.

Front View
TSM Display

The TM41-TSM can be configured to monitor up to 24 thermocouple inputs. Standard versions are available for the following gas turbines:

  • RR Avon/RB211/Olympus;
  • Ruston TD4000/TB5000/Tornado/Typhoon;
  • LM2500/5000/6000/1600;
  • GE Frame 3/5/6/7/9;
  • Solar Mars/Centaur/Saturn



  • Up to 24 Thermocouple inputs.
  • 8 Digital inputs, can be configured for:
    • alarm/trip inhibit.
    • Remote alarm accept/reset.


  • 8 Digital outputs, can be configured for:
    • Alarm initiation.
    • Trip initiation and indication.
    • Sensor fault.
    • Hardware fault.


The spread monitor is programmed to perform functions in accordance with engine manufacturer's specification. The functionality for a Rolls Royce Avon, Olympus & RB211 is summarised as:

  • Signal validation;– discount faulty inputs and alarm.
  • Calculate average of healthy thermocouples.
  • Calculate deviation of individual from average.
  • Alarm on deviation exceeding alarm setpoint.
  • Trip on deviation exceeding trip set point or number of failed thermocouple inputs exceeds set point.

Operator Interface

The Operator panel is a 6" backlit LCD touchscreen display

Visual Display of important parameters to enable the operator to make quick and informed decisions on the status of the gas turbine. These parameters include:

  • Logic I/O Status.
  • Bar graph and Digital display of analogue values.
  • Alarm and trip alphanumeric message, time and date stamped.
  • Trend plot to view temperatures.

Commissioning modes will allow you to ease fault finding, set up forcing of outputs and adjustment of control parameters (Gains, setpoints etc.)