TCL | Rotary Gas Valve

Rotary Gas Valve

Today’s high performance and low emission industrial gas turbine engines require more than just reliable fuel flow control. They need fast, accurate, and stable fuel flow control while operating under varying gas supply pressures, exposure to high contamination levels, and a wide variety of BTU levels.

Precision’s RGV all-electric rotary gas valves offer precision control over a wide flow range. The valve integrates a fail-safe spring and is designed to fail closed in a loss of power condition increasing Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

The segmented ball valve’s rugged metal seal provides high temperature capability as well as a Class IV leakage rating in both the forward and reverse flow directions. The shearing action of the seal affords exceptional contamination resistance for long lasting seal integrity extending the life of the product and reducing cost of ownership.

The RGV actuation mechanism utilises robust, compact planetary gearing to offer high reliability and smooth operation for the life of the product. Mounting provisions are provided to allow for secondary support of the device for the installation. During the design, advanced modelling techniques and analysis tools were employed, along with field-proven valves, to achieve the RGV’s robust performance objectives.

In addition, the all-electric actuator’s internal health diagnostic software provides real-time motor current, voltage, temperature, and position tracking. Using the standard isolated RS485 interface or optional Device Net and Ethernet interfaces facilitate predictive maintenance reducing overall engine downtime. The RGV family is available in several size configurations to meet a variety of applications.

  • 120VDC Operation @ 1-2 Amps Typical
  • Integrated Digital Electronics
  • -40 to 200°F Operating Range
  • 4-20 mA Control/Feedback Interfaces
  • 24VDC Logic I/O Interfaces
  • 1.5 Inch V-notch ball valve
  • Fail-safe Operation
  • 100 milliseconds’ Response Time (10-90%)
  • RS485 Programmable Calibration
  • Ethernet I/P; DeviceNet Comm I/F
  • 2-wire Power Harness; 25-wire Sig Harness
  • CSA/ATEX/CE Certified
  • Max Operating Press: 1060 PSIG
  • Max Flow Cv (70)
  • Weight: 80 Lbs