TCL | Retrofit Benefits

What is Retrofitting?

Adding a component or accessory to a product that did not have it when it was manufactured.

Why retrofit?

This can be answered by considering the operating plant costs for:

  • Frequent maintenance and re-calibration
  • The level of manual intervention to operate
  • Unreliable equipment breakdown
  • Non-scheduled shut down
  • Difficult to diagnose situations causing extended outages

Experience has shown that failures are mainly due to:

  • Controls
  • Instrumentation
  • Auxiliaries

In other words, the core engine is robust and reliable; it is the control and instrumentation equipment that causes the majority of failures.

What can TCL retrofit?

When considering a retrofit always try and move as many control functions from hydro-mechanical equipment to software, electronic or electrical control. This will always improve reliability.

A typical scope of a controls system retrofit might include:

  • Plant sensors including:
    • Switches replaced with transmitters (pressure and temperature)
    • Vibration
    • Speed
    • Level
  • Control functions including:
    • Governor
    • Sequencer
    • Temperature Monitor
    • Pressure Monitor
    • Vibration monitor
    • Overspeed Trip
    • Emergency Shutdown
    • AVR, Generator Protection
    • Load Management
    • Operator Interface
    • Event Recorder
    • Remote Control
  • Plant driven devices such as:
    • Gas control valves
    • Liquid fuel control valves
    • MCC Starters
    • Solenoids
    • Motors
    • Actuators
    • Cables

What hardware does TCL use to retrofit?

TCL chooses equipment that is readily available, mass produced and modular. This type of equipment will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Developed product
  • High quality
  • Cost effective
  • Latest technology
  • Readily available
  • Reduced delivery time
  • Spares readily available