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About Us

We are one of the leading suppliers of control equipment and specialist engineering services for the gas and steam turbine industries.

Founded in 1985, TCL has worked with major oil companies, power generators and contractors worldwide, winning contracts for retrofit equipment, commissioning, fault finding, routine maintenance, reliability engineering and consultancy.

We provide the following equipment and services: 

  • Control and monitoring systems for:
    • Gas Turbines
    • Steam Turbines
    • Diesel Engines
    • Gas Engines
    • Water Turbines
  • Site services 
  • Engineering consultancy 
  • Overhaul and repair 

Mission Critical Controls

Mission Critical Controls are those systems whose failure would make the plant unavailable. We provide solutions utilising propriety control equipment with proven reliability and quality. 

  • Governor and fuel system controls 
  • Protection systems 
  • Fuel modulation 

Decision Support Systems

Systems that gather data from the plant which enable the operator to run the plant at optimum efficiency, diagnose faults and to plan maintenance.

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) 
  • Local and remote human machine interface (HMI) 
  • Remote plant monitoring, web-based solutions 

Customer Support Services

Our Customer Support Department provides the services that enable plant operators to maximise production:

  • Total health care maintenance solutions 
  • On site maintenance and troubleshooting 
  • Spare parts supply and installation 

Overhaul and Repair

Our overhaul and repair facilities provide quick turnaround and high-quality repairs to minimise the possibility of further breakdown.

We can repair and overhaul all components of a gas or liquid fuel system including:

  • Gas and liquid fuel valves 
  • Gas and liquid shut-off valves 
  • HP and LP liquid fuel pumps 
  • Hydraulic oil systems 
  • Hydraulic and electrical actuators