TCL | Integrated Generator Control System

Integrated Generator Control System

The TCL Development team have designed a new Generator Control System for the control and protection of electrical generators.

The Problem

Aging generator control systems have become unreliable and spare parts are increasingly difficult to source. With limited monitoring facilities, system faults are difficult to diagnose, increasing downtime and maintenance costs.

The Solution

TCL’s Integrated Generator Control System uses microprocessor based control equipment in a stand-alone system capable of providing the following functions:

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) up to an excitation current of 30A
  • Manual Field Current Regulation (FCR)
  • Power Factor (PF) and Reactive power (VAR) control
  • Soft start voltage build-up with an adjustable ramp
  • Overexcitation (OEL) and underexcitation (UEL) limiting
  • Underfrequency compensation (Volts/Hertz)
  • Line Drop Compensation
  • Generator paralleling with reactive droop compensation or crosscurrent (reactive differential) compensation
  • Generator paralleling with real power load sharing
  • Synchronising for 1 or 2 circuit breakers
  • Generator protection functions

The TCL Integrated Generator Control System uses a HMI to provide an operator interface which allows:

  • Viewing of system parameters
  • Adjustment of setpoints, ramp rates etc.

The new system provides a cost effective solution to generator control and protection which will enable operators to achieve a step change in reliability. 

Integrated Generator Control System