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Condition Monitoring

Motor Condition Monitoring System (e-MCM)

The Artesis e-MCM is a powerful online condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and power meter tool intended for critical AC rotating equipment. The patented machine learning algorithm of e-MCM enables comprehensive fault detection up to 6 months in advance. With around the clock monitoring and real-time model-based voltage and current analysis, e-MCM can detect electrical, mechanical as well as process faults of fixed, variable speed motors and generators while providing all the benefits without the high complication and cost of traditional systems.

Artesis e-MCM monitors the condition of equipment driven by an electric motor, effectively using the motor itself as a sophisticated transducer. It requires only connection into the motor's electrical supply, avoiding the need or specialised sensors. Because Artesis e-MCM is permanently installed, it provides continuous fault monitoring and does not depend on expensive manual data collection.

System Highlights

  • Online Condition Monitoring
  • Early Fault Detection
  • Automated Fault Diagnosis
  • Comprehensive Fault Coverage (Electrical, Mechanical, Process Faults)
  • Only Viable Solution For Hard To Reach Motors (Submersible Pumps, Cryogenic Pumps, etc...)
  • Effects Of Faults On Energy Efficiency
e-MCM Monitor & Input Module


Ease of Use

The automated fault diagnosis feature of e-MCM makes it very simple to use by the maintenance personnel. Rather than overwhelming the end-user with raw signals and data, e-MCM provides processed data results in an actionable form. The system requires minimal operator intervention for set-up and operation and provides clear indication of the nature and severity of developing faults both locally to the monitored equipment and remotely.

Real-Time Monitoring

e-MCM constantly takes measurements and compares them with its reference condition, in order to assess the severity and type of any developing fault. It is able to recognize abnormalities in a wide range of operating states and is even able to extend its self-learning process when it recognizes that it has moved beyond its original learning limits. This allows e-MCM to achieve very sensitive detection of faults without false alarms.

Ease of Maintenance Planning

Remote monitoring and reporting services contribute to the development of a sustainable predictive maintenance (PdM) system in the plant without additional workload undertaken by the crew.

Simple Installation

e-MCM installation requires only three-phase voltage and current connection via low-cost current transformers (CT) and voltage transformers (VT) (if needed). It is usually located at the motor control cabinet, requiring very short cable runs and avoiding the need to install equipment in remote or hazardous areas. When first switched on, e-MCM carries out an automatic self-learning process during which the normal operating condition of the equipment is established. Advanced analysis techniques ensure that this training takes account of variables like speed and load, and that existing faults do not result in training errors.

How it works

Watch the video (3:58) for an overview of how the e-MCM interacts with IOT.