TCL | AVB Bleed Valve

AVB Bleed Valve

Dry Low Emission (DLE) turbines require modulating bleed air valves in order to function efficiently at reduced power. These valves must also be fast enough to keep pace with demands for accurate combustion air control.

The AVB3.0 all-electric bleed air valve controls high-temperature air up to 850°F, and helps maintain a precise fuel/air ratio within the turbine to facilitate optimal engine efficiency and meet today’s stringent emission requirements.

Each valve incorporates a fail-safe spring configurable to fail open or fail close, depending upon the desired action, in less than 500 milliseconds. The AVB3.0 actuation mechanism has a unique torque shaft design, eliminating actuator side loading, to reduce wear and increase installation flexibility.

Reliability was a top priority during the design and development of the AVB3.0. Using field-proven valves, advanced Matlab models and state-of-the-art CAE tools, PECC was able to achieve AVB3.0’s robust design and performance objectives. The actuator is powered from 120 VDC and is fully integrated with digital electronics that feature real-time health and data monitoring through an isolated RS232 serial interface, facilitating predictive maintenance and reducing overall engine downtime.

  • 120VDC Operation @ 1-2 Amps Typical
  • Integrated Digital Electronics
  • -40 to 200°F Amb Operating Temp Range
  • -40 to 850°F Gas Temperature Range
  • 4-20 mA Control/Feedback Interfaces
  • 24VDC Logic I/O Interfaces
  • 100 msec Response Time (10-90% Stroke)
  • RS232 Programmable Stroke Calibration
  • 4-wire Pwr Harness; 17-wire Sig Harness
  • CSA/ATEX/CE Certified
  • Max Flow Cv (70)
  • Weight: 35 Lbs