TCL | VG1.5 Gas Valve

VG1.5 Gas Valve

Efficient fuel metering is absolutely essential for optimised industrial turbine engine performance. Precision VG series gas fuel metering valves contain only one moving part. Gas valves from PECC have no hydraulic, pneumatic or bulky mechanical parts that require frequent maintenance, adjustment or replacement. Precision VG gas valves are simple, durable, reliable and unmatched in terms of performance and value.

The heart of PECC’s VG gas valve is its proportional linear actuator. This all-electric actuator and its circuitry are integrated within the valve housing, making it compact and efficient. Dynamic response with minimal overshoot and minimal settling time, allows customers to operate the engine with optimised performance and efficiency. Precision valves with LVDT feedback provide closed-loop control of valve position versus demand.

In addition, the VG series of gas valves are designed to be explosion proof to operate in hazardous environments. This series of gas valves operate on 24 VDC power and requires less than 30 watts at maximum flow. The valve interfacing is simple, allowing the VG to be easily used regardless of the specific application required.

The VG series of gas valves accommodate industrial gas turbine engines in 1 to 10-megawatt range. Each valve is configured for a specific engine type and application in order to match supply pressure and manifold conditions. The result is the highest flow accuracy and resolution possible. Precision valves can be installed in parallel configurations, making them suitable for a majority of turbine engine sizes and applications.

  • 24V Operation @ 1 Amp Max
  • Integrated Analog Electronics
  • -40 to 200°F Operating Range
  • Custom Calibration for supply and backpressure Characteristics
  • Fail-safe Operation
  • CSA/ATEX/CE Certified
  • Electrical Interface:(8-wire Harness or 8-pin MS   Connector)
  • Max Operating Pressure: 400 PSIG
  • Max Flow CdA: 0.42
  • Weight: (Aluminium 20 Lbs; Stainless 37 Lbs)