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Homer RTD Temperature Sensor 6pt

The HE693RTD660 allows RTD temperature sensors to be connected to the PLC directly without external signal processing such as transducers, transmitters, etc. All analog and digital processing of the RTD signal is performed on the module. These backplane-isolated (or bus-isolated) modules have programmable resolutions in increments of 0.05oC, 0.05oF,0.1oC, 0.1oF, 0.5oC, 0.5oF. The module features six channels whose temperature values are reported to the 6 %AI input registers. There are 6 %I alarm bits and one setpoint alarm for each channel. Alarm setpoints are configured for each channel using 6 %AQ registers. All modules feature support for the following RTD types: PT-100 (platinum, 100W at 0°C), Ni-120 (nickel, 120W at 0°C), Cu-10 (Copper,10W at 25°C), Pt-1000 (platinum, 1000W at 0°C), and TD5R Silicon (Microswitch).

Ordering Code TCL-0559
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
RRP £1404.00
Sale Price £1040.00
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