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"The IC693BEM340 is a standard, rack-mounted 90-30 Series Factory Instrumentation Protocol (FIP) Bus Controller Module manufactured by GE Fanuc. This smart module provides an interface between the Series 90-30 I/O network and a Series 90-30 PLC. It can be easily plugged into the PLC’s backplane. The IC693BEM340 Factory Instrumentation Protocol is mainly used for controlling I/O, but it can also be used for storing remote devices’ configuration data, as well as for the reporting of faults. Some devices compatible with a FIP bus in a Series 90-30 PLC system include: Series 90-70 PLC, interfaced to a FIP bus by a FIP Bus Controller. Field Control Stations: Field Control I/O modules interfaced to a bus using a FIP Bus Interface Unit (BIU). Remote Drops: Series 90-30 I/O racks interfaced to a bus using a FIP Remote I/O Scanner Modules. Generic Devices: general-use computers with a FIP Interface Module connected to the module. The IC693BEM340 has no DIP jumpers or switches to be set. It has

Ordering Code TCL-0558
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
RRP £1208
Sale Price £895
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