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"IC693ALG221 is an Analog Current Input Module with four input channels for the Series 90-30 Programmable Logic Controller. This controller’s channels are each capable of converting an analog input signal into a digital signal as needed for the application. Two input ranges are available with a default of 4 to 20 mA with scaled user data so 4 mA corresponds to a count of zero and 20 mA to 32000. Each 1000 count represents 0.5 mA. If a jumper is added to the I/O terminal board, the input range is adjusted to 0 to 20 mA with scaled user data scale corresponding to a count of 32000 with each 800 count equal to 0.5 mA. This module is equipped with two range jumpers: one for channels 1-2 and one for channels 3-4. The IC693ALG221 input module allows conversion speed of one half milliseconds for each of the channels with an update rate of two milliseconds for any of the provided channels. Resolution speed on a converted signal is 12 bits over either chosen range. Percent AI user data regist

Ordering Code TCL-0556
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
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