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"IC693ALG391 is a 2-Channel Analog Current Output module for the Series 90-30 Programmable Logic Controller. It offers two output channels with each output having the ability to convert 12 bits of binary (digital) data into an analog output for use as needed by many applications. IC693ALG391 is able to give out outputs ranging from 0 to 20 mA. The converted signal has a resolution of 12 bits binary. However, the sign bit is not needed when converting the output. During each scanning process, the two channels are updated. The %AQ register has 13 essential bits that are changed to sign magnitude by the PLC and forwarded to the module. The D/A converter uses 12 of the bits while the thirteenth bit (sign) is utilized to check whether negative data has been forwarded to the module. If IC693ALG391 receives negative data, it outputs the low end of the current range of 4 mA to 20 mA range. The software tends to reject any value more than 32767 keyed in the modules. The IC693ALG391 gives two o

Ordering Code TCL-0555
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
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