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Series 90-30 Programmable Coprocessor Module 192K

"General: The IC693PCM301 is a Programmable Coprocessor Module (PCM) manufactured by GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc. It is a high-functioning microcomputer that is compatible with the Series 90-30 Modular CPUs (Programmable Logic Controller system). The programming languages supported by the IC693PCM301 include Modbus RTU, GE Fanuc CCM protocols, MegaBasic and C. This version of the PCM has a total memory of 192K and a user MegaBasic memory of 47K. Any CPU baseplate slot can host a IC693PCM301 with the exception of the CPU module's slot 1. Furthermore, a PCM doesn't function within the Expansion, Remote racks, or the Embedded CPU (CPU311, 313, or 323) rack. Specific: The IC693PCM301 can be programmed to operate as a one or two independent CCM ports, a CCM port, and a MegaBasic application using one serial port or a MegaBasic application using one or both serial ports. These modules are used for communicating with programming terminals, CRTs, bar code readers, scales, prin

Ordering Code TCL-0553
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
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