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"he GE Fanuc IC693CMM311 is a Communications Coprocessor Module. This component provides a high performance coprocessor for all Series 90-30 modular CPUs. It cannot be used with embedded CPUs. This covers models 311, 313, or 323. This module supports GE Fanuc CCM communications protocol, the SNP protocol and the RTU (Modbus) slave communications protocol. It is possible to configure the module using the configuration software. Alternatively, users can opt for a default setup. It has two serial ports. Port 1 supports RS-232 applications while Port 2 supports either RS-232 or RS-485 applications. Both ports are wired to the module’s single connector. For this reason, the module has been supplied with a wye cable (IC693CBL305) in order to separate the two ports to make wiring easier. It’s possible to use up to 4 Communications Coprocessor Modules in a system that has a CPU of 331 or above. This can only be done via the CPU baseplate. In versions before 4.0, this module presents a special

Ordering Code TCL-0552
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
RRP £203
Sale Price £150
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