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CPU 360 Module (80K Bytes user memory, 4K I/O, 8 Racks), no built-in Serial Ports .22msec/K

"The GE Fanuc IC693CPU360 is a Central Processing Unit (CPU) 360 Module. It has 240 Kbytes of Configurable User Memory. This is a single slot CPU module with 4096 discrete I/O points across 8 racks. The typical scan rate of the CPU 360 module is 0.22 mS per 1K of logic memory. Although the module has no built-in serial ports, it can use the connector on a PLC power supply. This module has both RAM and Flash memory and like other IC693 modules, it is compatible with Firmware v.10.60. This unit is compatible with the Series 90-30 range from GE Fanuc. When using this CPU with entry-level applications with low I/O counts, the CPU is embedded into the backplane. This makes all slots available for input or output usage. Ethernet, various bus modules, and control devices are some of the compatible devices that can operate with this CPU module. Mid-range CPU models are modular and they are available in various memory sizes. The range also includes models with different performance capabiliti

Ordering Code TCL-0549
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
RRP £1465.10
Sale Price £1085.50
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