TCL | Posiflow Liquid Fuel System

Posiflow Liquid Fuel System for Gas Turbines

A robust and accurate fuel modulation system for all types of liquid fuel, including aggressive and highly viscous fluids such as Naptha or Heavy Fuel Oil. The system has also been tested extensively using different types of Bio-Fuel. Standard Posiflow systems have been developed by TCL for integration into existing gas turbine fuel systems.

Traditional gas turbine liquid fuel systems use an HP fuel pump plus a control valve with some form of spill control. Wear and drift in the mechanical parts of the fuel valve can lead to various operational problems such as:

  • Inconsistent light off flows, causing failed starts.
  • To Problematic fault finding Inconsistent and failed fuel changeovers.
  • Increased spares inventory.

To provide a solution to the traditional problems of a gas turbine liquid fuel system TCL have developed the Posiflow system. The system operates by using the flow versus speed characteristic of a positive displacement pump; i.e. fuel delivery rate is directly proportioned to pump speed.

A gas turbine liquid fuel system needs an HP fuel pump, so why not use a Posiflow system to control the fuel flow?

The proven features of positive displacement pumps and variable speed drives are providing reliable, repeatable and accurate control.

Posiflow Liquid Fuel Skid
Posiflow Installed On a RR Avon


The Posiflow can be supplied as a complete skid with shut-off valves, pressure gauges and transmitters or a pump and motor assembly.


  • Lower your spares inventory with reduced component count and improved reliability.
  • Low total life cost.
  • Solutions for aggressive fuels such as Naptha and heavy fuel oil.
  • Reliable engine starting giving peace of mind and reduced operating costs.
  • Zero calibration cost.
  • Remote starting from batteries.
  • Remove troublesome flow dividers, particularly useful on GE Frame engines.
  • Energy and pump wear reduction.

The Posiflow can be supplied as part of a complete control system retrofit or integrated into an existing control system. Standard solutions available for:

  • RR Avon fuel systems
  • RR Olympus fuel systems
  • GE Frame 3/5 fuel systems
  • Ruston gas turbine fuel systems
  • Pratt & Witney FT4 fuel systems
  • Orenda fuel systems

Customer Comments

Since we have installed Posiflow the gas turbine has never failed to start.

The start reliability has improved to better than 99%.

The Posiflow system enables us to meet our operational requirements of having to start immediately following a four week shutdown.