TCL | Diesel Engine Control

Diesel Engine Control

We have designed and installed one-off systems to meet the individual needs of particular plant arrangements. In addition, we can supply cost-effective, standalone, pre-programmed controllers that are configured by the end user’ to meet the requirements of the application, such as the TC41-DG Governor System.

TC41-DG | Diesel Engine Rack Mounted Governor

TCL have developed a governor system for diesel and gas engine plant. The TC41-DG includes the necessary inputs and outputs to interface with standard plant devices. The TC41-DG can be configured to control existing plant using setpoint changes only.

A wide range of input and output modules provides interface with plant devices and options for alternative or additional functionality. Obsolete and unreliable equipment is replaced with modern digital electronics having high reliability and accuracy and is an affordable alternative to a full control system retrofit. Communication facilities provide interface with other diagnostic and control equipment.

Control Functions

The following control functions are provided:

  • Start-up Ramp Control
    Increases the fuel demand at a controlled ramp rate until engine speed control takes over.
  • Engine Speed Control
    Controls the engine speed to enable synchronising. Provides droop or isochronous control of speed whilst on load. The speed measuring algorithms include digital filtering to remove once per rev fluctuations found on many diesel engines.
    Droop linearisation functions are provided to ensure consistent reaction to frequency changes
  • MW Limit Control
    Limits the maximum electrical load as measured by an external transducer.
  • Maximum Fuel Demand Signal
    Limits the maximum setting of fuel demand.
  • Start Fuel Limiter
    Limits the maximum fuel demand during start-up to prevent over-fuelling.
  • Shutdown fuel limiter
    Limits the minimum fuel demand.
  • Exhaust Temperature Monitoring
    Monitoring of individual exhaust thermocouples to detect high temperatures and monitor deviation spread.
  • Linearisation Functions
    Linearistion functions for throttle actuation.

TC41-DG Specification

  • Hardware Features:
    • 700 kB SRAM, 4 MB FlashPROM.
    • 0.4 micro second instruction time (typical).
    • 24 Vdc operation max 20 W.
    • All inputs, outputs and power supply are protected.
    • Operating temperature 0-50 °C. Storage -20 to +60 °C.
    • 3U (132mm) high 19" rack sub assembly, 162mm deep.
  • I/0 Capability:
    • 16 x 24 vdc sinking logic inputs.
    • 16 x 24 Vdc sourcing outputs.
    • 1 x clean contact output (used for trip contact) 0.5A Max.
    • RS232 and Ethernet ports.
    • 6 input modules for:
    • 4 x frequency/speed inputs.
    • 4 x 4-20 mA signals.
    • 6 x thermocouple input.
    • 4 x analogue output.
    • 6 x RTD inputs.
    • Additional logic I/O.
    • RVDT, LVDT and throttle actuator drives.

Operator Interface

  • Backlit LCD touch screen display to enable the operator to make quick and informed decisions on the status of the turbine.
  • Logic I/O status.
  • Bar graph and digital display of analogue values.
  • Alarm and trip message, time and date stamped.
  • Trend plot to view analogues.
  • Commissioning modes to ease fault finding and set up.
  • Allow forcing of outputs and adjustment of control parameters (gains, setpoints etc.).