Control Systems Overview

    TCL have over 30 years experience of supplying control equipment to a wide range of industrial processes. We have the expertise to be able to design and install control equipment for a wide range of industrial processes such as:

    All rotating equipment including:
    • Gas turbines
    • Steam turbines
    • Diesel engines
    • Gas engines
    • Water turbines
    • Wind generators
    Total power station plant control
    • CCGT plant
    • Combined heat and power plant
    Power station auxiliary systems
    • Water treatment
    • Cooling water systems
    • Burner management and interlock
    Emergency shutdown systems
    Water treatment systems

    System hardware

    TCL have experience of the design and installation of systems using hardware from different manufacturers, including:

    • Allen Bradley
    • Siemens
    • B & R
    • Mitsubishi
    • GE Fanuc

    The choice of hardware is often down to the customer who may have an installed base of a particular manufacturer. TCL have system integrator status with a number of hardware manufacturers, allowing us to supply hardware at competitive rates.

    System design

    Most systems are installed in a retrofit environment so the layout of plant and existing inputs and outputs are fixed. I/O modules are specified to handle plant devices and environment. The I/O can be distributed around the plant or located centrally. This would depend upon the layout of the plant and cabling.

    Software functionality is defined by functional design specifications which are produced by TCL. These are generally compiled using TCL expertise. However, there may be a client influence on the design where there are key local unique requirements.

    SCADA systems

    A control system requires some form of human-machine interface. This may be a local HMI or a fully integrated centralised SCADA system.

    Manufacture and test

    All manufacturing and testing are carried out under our ISO 9001:2008 approved quality system. Systems are manufactured at the TCL works or at facilities nearer to the client's plant. We have manufactured a number of systems at overseas locations employing local labour working under TCL QA programmes.

    Testing is carried out against the design specifications and will typically include:

    • Hardware wiring tests
    • Software I/O tests
    • Software functional tests

    Site installation and commissioning

    TCL have an experienced team of site engineers who are available to install and commission all systems supplied by TCL. The design and testing of the system will ensure that outage times are kept to a minimum.

    After sales

    TCL have a dedicated customer support department to provide an after sales support of all installed system. This team are available to carry out:

    • Telephone support
    • 24/7 callout and fault finding
    • Planned maintenance routines

    Quality control

    TCL have the following quality control accreditations:

    • ISO 9001:2008
    • TickIT Guide Issue 5 software production
    • CSA Z299.2-85 quality control developed for CANDU plant.

    The system software is produced using rigorous quality control procedures developed during TCL’s experience with developing software for nuclear power plants.