EGV Gas Throttle Valve

    An electrically actuated gas valve for gas turbine gas fuel systems. Will replace OEM hydraulically actuated valves.

    • Sizes available for Gas Turbines from 1MW to 125MW
    • Remove hydraulic oil pumps and associated maintenance, no more oil leaks
    • Accurate and repeatable valve positioning gives reliable light-off
    • Pressure and temperature compensation options available

    EGV Gas Valve

    The EGV gas valve is made up of the following components:

    1. ATEX approved DC Servo motor, fitted with:

    • Encoder position feedback
    • Motor winding temperature detection

    2. Ultra low backlash gearbox to provide high torque

    3. ‘V' Notch Ball valve

    • Square law flow profile for accurate light-off flow control
    • Self cleaning nature of the valve results in low sensitivity to contamination
    • Trunion style bearings are not exposed to the fuel gas

    4. Minimum position limit switch

    Servo Drive

    The valve can be supplied with or without the servo drive which comes with the following options:

    • Acceleration/Deceleration limit control
    • Gas supply pressure/temperature compensation
    • Valve de-choking compensation
    • Power supply 220/110 Vac or 110/24 Vdc


    • Atex Zone I, Group IIB, T4
    • Pressure ratings: ANSI 150/300/600
    • Torque output: 50 Nm