TCL offer a range of training services to cover the complete range of skill sets required in the operation and maintenance of rotating equipment.

TCL conduct training courses on all the equipment that is supplied as part of a control system upgrade. However we are also able to provide training courses on equipment and plant supplied by other manufacturers.

A sample of course notes is attached for download and review. Full course notes are available for purchase, please contact our sales department for details or fill in the contact form on the web site

Control system training

TCL training gives the plant personnel the necessary information to enable them to operate and maintain the plant.

Typical subject headings would include:

  • Basics of the controlled plant, how it works. 
  • Operation of the plant via the HMI 
  • Basic system maintenance. 
  • Basic system programming

Rotating equipment training

TCL have a team of experienced engineers that have a vast pool of process knowledge. This enables TCL to provide training on the fundamentals of rotating plant including:

Gas turbine training

  • The operation of a gas turbine from first principles, including thermodynamic principles 
  • Gas turbine control principles 
  • Gas turbine auxiliaries 
  • Gas turbine operation and maintenance

Steam turbine training

  • The operation of a steam turbine from first principles, including thermodynamic principles 
  • Steam turbine control principles 
  • Steam turbine auxiliaries 
  • Steam turbine operation and maintenance.

Compressor training

  • Operation of compressors, axial, centrifugal. 
  • Control and protection of compressors 
  • Compressor auxiliaries

Generator training

  • Operation of electrical generators 
  • Control and protection of generators
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