TC95-03 Governor System

The TCL TC95-03 Governor consists of a Programmable Logic Controller and Signal Conditioning mounted in a 19 inch rack sub-assembly. The Operator Interface will be a backlit LCD display with keypad and also mounted on a 19 inch rack plate.

The TC95-03 is pin compatible with the Woodward 43027 and therefore directly interchangeable.

The TC95-03 will interface with the retained sequence and unit control devices.

Governor Functions

The Governor will as a minimum provide the following fuctions:

  • Power Turbine Speed Contro
  • Gas Generator Speed Limi
  • Gas Generator Exhaust Temperature Contro
  • Gas Generator Compressor Discharge Pressure Limit Contro
  • Light off to Idle Contro
  • Idle to Minimum Contro
  • Idle to Minimum Governor Speed Control

Respond to Logic inputs:

  • Fuel O
  • Accelerat
  • Auto/Manua
  • Raise/Lowe
  • Breaker Closed

Operator Interface

A permanently installed Operator Interface will allow display of parameters under control of a built-in keypad.  The functions of the Operator Interface will enable display of operating parameters, annunciation of faults, sequence status, interrogation and commissioning.

The following facilities are envisaged as minimum requirements:

  • View any Input or Outu
  • Analogue Inpu
  • Analogue Outputs as Digital display and bar grap
  • Logic inputs, Logic output
  • View calculated values

Commissioning Mode

  • Allow forcing of any outpu
  • Adjustment of control parameters (Gains, setpoints, etc)

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