Steam Turbine Control

TCL have completed many control system upgrade projects on steam turbine plant. These projects have includeded:-

- Boiler feed pump steam turbines
- CCGT steam turbines, train control
- Base load steam turbines upto 600MW

 The scope of each project varies depending upon the size of the turbine and the requirements of the client. However they may typically include:-

- Removal of hydraulic governor systems
- Fitting hyrdaulic actuators for steam valves
- Fitting magnetic speed pick-ups

 The focus of all the systems installed is on improving operational relaibility and reducing maintenance costs. This is acheived by removing, where possible, mechanical control equipment and replacing it with modern state of the art microproccessor based controls. The systems are controlled and monitored by screen based HMI/SCADA systems that provide historical and real time trending, greatly increasing the visibility for operators and engineers. 

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