Speed Module

Magnetic speed pickups are typically installed to measure the speed of a turbine. The output of these probes is a sine wave whose amplitude varies with the speed of the turbine shaft. This signal can be difficult to read using digital counter modules for the following reasons:

  1. The amplitude is low at low speed and might not reach the trigger level of the module. This is particularly critical for measurement at turbine barring speeds.
  2. The amplitude may be very high at high speeds which may exceed the maximum input voltage level of the module.
  3. The signal may suffer from electro-magnetic interference, causing a fluctuating speed reading.
  4. The wavelength of the signal may change due to mechanical dimensional inconsistencies, e.g. gear teeth inaccuracies.

The TCL two channel speed input module has been designed to produce a square wave output signal of constant amplitude regardless of input signal. The input filtering reduces noise interference with an option of phase lock loop (PLL) circuit to ignore high frequency interference.

Please see data sheet download for full specification.

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