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January 2014
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TCL SA would like to wish all our customers in South Africa a happy and prosperous New Year


Diesel and Gas engine maintenance

January 2014

Diesel and Gas engine maintenance

We are pleased to announce that TCL SA can now provide maintenance services to operators of reciprocating engines, gas and diesel. Please see the attached brochure for more detail.

This service includes the following activities:-

  • Routine service work
  • Repair and overhaul
  • Vibration analysis
  • Workshop repair and overhaul of ancillary components such as:-
    • Governor actuators
    • Fuel injectors
    • Fuel pumps

All work is carried by trained and skilled technicians and engineers to the highest standards.

Past experience of reciprocating engine service work includes the following manufactures:-



Deutz AG




GEC Diesels




Our office in South Africa continues to provide services to owners and operators of all types of rotating plant. The office location enables us to provide fast response to local operators and can provide the following services:-

  • On-site Service and maintenance facilities, including:-
  • Generator protection calibration and maintenance
  • Machine vibration analysis
  • Mechanical inspection and repair of turbine plant
  • Control system upgrades, including:-
  • System design and test
  • Control panel manufacture and test
  • Installation and commissioning

The services of the South African office are backed up by the TCL office in Leicester UK. If you require any further information please contact:

Wikus du Plooy

Office 117, Royal Building
James Moroka Ave. Potchefstroom
2520 South Africa
Tel:- +27 18 294 4882
Email:- sales@tcluk.net

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