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Posiflow Bio-Fuel fuel tests

Feb 2011
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TCL have been conducting tests on their Posiflow system using various types of bio-fuel. These tests have included bio-diesel and Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) made from plants such as Jatropha.

The tests have included start-up and shutdown on bio-fuel with on-line changeover to and from the normal diesel fuel. The results have shown the Posiflow system to be ideally suited for use with alternative liquid fuels.

The design of the posiflow system makes it ideally suited for use with liquid fuels with a wide range of viscosities and lubricity from volatile Naptha to high viscosity heavy fuel oil. Providing better than 1% accuracy in fuel metering.

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E.ON Karlshamn EO2 controls upgrade

February 2011
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The TCL control system at Karlshamn Power Station has been installed and has successfully completed the site commissioning tests. These tests included rigorous SVK grid compliance testing including:-

- Full load 35MW load rejections.
- Island load tests.
- Load acceptance tests.
- Linear droop tests.
- Frequency response tests
- Black start tests
- Loading rate tests

The grid compliance tests showed that the newly installed TCL system was able to control the plant within the onerous requirements of this power plant. This included fast start-up and full load rejection.

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TC41-DG Diesel Engine Governor

4 Feb 2011
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Turbine Controls Ltd has developed a pre-programmed diesel engine governor, TC41-DG.

The unit comes pre-programmed with the following functions:-

- Start ramp
- Speed control
- Linear corrected droop
- Exhaust temperature control
- Acceleration and deceleration control limits
- Actuator position closed loop control

The TC41-DG can be configured by the user for the particular diesel engine using setpoint changes only, without changes to the main system firmware. The TC41-DG offers a cost effective solution to diesel engine control applications.


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