Quality Assurance

Nuclear quality assurance procedures.

The projects that TCL have completed on nuclear plant have involved strict implementation of rigorous and robust quality assurance programs.

  1. Implementation and maintenance of design and supply quality control to Z299.2.
  2. Implementation of software quality assurance (SQA) procedures to satisfy the requirements of the AECL CANDU standards for software production. 

CSA Z299.2 quality assurance program

The Z229.2 quality control standards cover the design, supply and testing of the company's products. Key elements include:

  1. Management responsibilities
  2. Quality Manual
  3. Tender and contract
  4. Design
  5. Documentation control, internal and external
  6. Procurement
  7. Inspection and test, and control of test equipment
  8. Incoming and final inspection
  9. Identification and traceability
  10. Handling and storage
  11. Production
  12. Packing and shipping
  13. Non-conformance and corrective action
  14. Customer supplied items
  15. Quality audits.

TCL were previously qualified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000. A GAP analysis was performed which resulted in a number of changes to the ISO procedures to cover the requirements of Z229.2. These procedures were then audited by OPG to ensure compliance.

Software quality assurance 

This included production of key software specifications and test procedures to ensure compliance with these specifications:

  1. Software development plan
  2. Computer system requirements (CSR). To define what the software must do.
  3. Computer system design (CSD). How the hardware and the software of the computer system will be design to meet the requirements.
  4. Software requirements specification (SRS). To define how the computer system will be programmed to meet the requirements.
  5. Sub-system test procedures. Testing to ensure compliance with the SRS.
  6. System integration test. Testing to ensure compliance with the CSD
  7. Factory acceptance test procedure. Testing to ensure compliance with the CSR.
  8. Site static and dynamic test procedures.

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