Project Examples

Here are some examples of previous projects completed by TCL. Avaliable for viewing and downloading in PDF format, using the links provided.

CEC, Luano - Single Avon's

Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) owns and operates Avon powered standby generators spread between four locations with total installed capacity of 80MW to provide emergency power to the mines in the event of loss of supply from the national distribution network. It is therefore essential that these sets are available for operation and have high start reliability.

E-ON, Karlsham - Twin Olympus

E-ON operates a twin Olympus gas turbine generator (EO2) at their Karlshamn power plant in southern Sweden. The unit operates in simple cycle mode and is used for grid support and for black start of the main generators at the power station. The key requirements of the gas turbine are to start reliably at short notice following long periods of being shutdown

Transco, Hatton - RB211

The original governor control system supplied in 1989 had become obsolete. There was no vendor support, and spares were no longer manufactured. TCL were consulted becuase of thier experience in the retrofit of gas turbine compressor drivecontrol systems.

AES, Ballylumford - Quad Avon

The power station needed to increase the start reliability of their two liquid fuel gas turbine generating sets for 80% to >95%, in order to avoid significant grid supply penalties.

EGT, Whetstone

In 1995, TCL were commisioned to design, construct and install a control system for the Combustion test rig in Whetstone.  

ADNOC, Bab Field - Single Avon's

Turbine Controls Ltd. were were brought in by Rolls Royce to provide a turnkey solution for the Avon gas turbine control system.

Marathon, Brae Alpha - Single Olympus

Turbine Controls Ltd were contracted to provide a solution that would meet the required increase in reliability and enhance the diagnostic capabilities of the units.

PDO, Pumping Station - TA 1750

Petroleum Development Oman used Gas turbine driven fuel pumps to transport crude oil from gathering stations in the interior to oil terminals at the coast. These machines were over 30 years old, and the original governing and fuel modulating equipment was begging to cause problems in reliability and plant avaliability. TCL were commisioned to address these issues.

Perenco, 27 Alpha - RB211

Reliability was essential for Perenco to maintain nominations on its 27A Leman Bank platform in the southern north sea. The reliability of Unit A of the two Cooper Coberra Gas turbines was a problem and Unit B had been mothballed for several years.  The FT100 control system on the gas turbines had become obsolete and spares were no longer avaliable.  The owners wished to bring the mothballed unit B back to life and inprove the reliability of the Unit A gas turbine. TCL was consulted for its experiance in the retrofit of control systems to compressor drive gas turbines.  

RWE, Cowes - 70MW Quad Olympus

Cowes Power Station operates two 70 MW diesel fired simple cycle Olympus gas turbines for peak load and synchronous compensation duties. The Netcon governors had become obsolete with spare parts availability no longer guaranteed. The Units reliability had dropped below the 95% required by RWE’s contract with National Grid.

SEC, Various Sites - Single Avon's

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) operates a number of GEC RR Avon powered mobile gas generators at various locations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These are moved to locations where there is a power shortage and are used primarily during periods of peak demand in the summer months.The key requirements of the mobile generators are to reach full load in a short time and run reliably for the peak demand period.

EDF, Chateau Thierry - 12MW EAS1

Due to a shortfall of electrical power in France during 2001, EDF bought two gas turbine mobile generating sets from Wood Group in Aberdeen. These were installed at Chateau Thierry in France and used to provide power to the grid system during periods of peak demand.The key requirements of an emergency power generator is to start at short notice, reach full load in a short time and run reliably for the peak demand period.

E-ON, Ratcliffe - Single Olympus

Ratcliffe Power Station operate two 17.5 MW diesel fired simple cycle Olympus gas turbines for peak load and black start duties.  The units were originally installed in 1966. Reliability had deteriorated to as low as 50%. The power station contract requires a 95% start reliability over a 12-month period and so something had to be done or the GT’s would be non-viable.

CEC, Zambia - Static Excitation System

The exciter on one of the gas turbines at the Luano power station, operated by CEC, had developped a vibration problem. Despite a number of re-balancing ecercises this vibration proved impossible to cure, most likely due to shifting windings within the exciter rotor. Due to this problem and the increasing difficulties of obtaining spare parts, it was deceided to convert the rotating excitation system to a static one.

Coventry Waste Plant - Steam turbine control system

The Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company Ltd (CSWDC) operate a waste processing plant in Coventry. Some of the waste is burnt and the resultant heat is used to produce steam which in turn is used to generate electricity through two steam turbines rated at 5MWe and 12MWe. The control system of the 5 MW steam turbine was becoming increasingly unreliable resulting in a number of unscheduled shutdowns.

 CEC Luano, Zambia - Low voltage switchgear

Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC), Zambia owns and operates a number of Avon powered standby generators which provide emergency power to local copper mines in the event of loss of supply from the national distribution network. The gas turbine control system had been replaced by TCL in 2004, however this project did not include upgrading the low voltage switchgear or MCC (motor control centre) boards.

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