Gas Turbine Inspection and Repair
14 Jul 2011

Engine inspection and repair

TCL are now able to offer an inspection and repair service for a wide range of industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines. This complements the inspection services that TCL have provided for some years and will realise reduced maintenance costs and outage time.

Engine inspection

An external inspection and internal boroscope inspection is carried out to identify the current condition, this will enable the owner to:

  1. Identify parts that may fail in the future
  2. Plan future scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance activities
  3. Pre-order parts for future replacement
  4. Reduce the spare parts holding

On-site repair

Traditionally repairs to many of the aero-derivative engines have been carried out off-site at the overhaul company’s workshop. This has resulted in costly repair bills and extended machine outages. The reality is that many repairs can be carried out on site without the need for transporting the engine to a remote facility. Typical examples include:

  1. Combustor can change out
  2. Hot end section repair, including turbine replacement
  3. Nozzle guide vane (NGV) overhaul
  4. Rotor blade overhaul
  5. On-site balancing services
  6. Rear bearing/front bearing changes

Parts are assessed for further operation by carrying out comprehensive NDT inspection on site. Depending upon operational requirements faulty parts are replaced or sent for overhaul.

Workshop repair

In addition to the on-site repair services TCL now have the facilities to repair, overhaul and calibrate the following engine components:

  1. Turbine blade overhaul
  2. Bleed valve actuators
  3. Inlet guide vane (IGV) actuators
  4. Exhaust thermocouple assemblies
  5. Gas, liquid and dual fuel burners
  6. Ant-icing valves
  7. HP fuel pumps

Repairs are carried out to pre-defined procedures and come complete with a 12 month factory guarantee.