Controls upgrade CEC, Bancroft, Zambia
11 Nov 2011
CEC Luano control panels

TCL are pleased to announce that they have secured the contract to supply new controls to Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC), Zambia, for two RR Avon powered gas turbines at their Bancroft Site.

The supplied equipment includes new control panels and liquid fuel system. The controls are based on the Allen Bradley ControlLogix5000 PLC interfacing with the TCL Posiflow liquid fuel system. This system has been installed in many of CEC’s sites in Zambia. It has shown itself to be ideally suited to the operating regime of the gas turbines which are required to start at short notice following, sometimes, lengthy shutdown periods.

In addition to the PLC, performing governing and sequencing functions, a replacement automatic voltage regulator has been supplied utilising the TCL phase shifting synchronisation system.