Generator Controls

In the case of an electrical drive turbine the generator needs to be controlled and protected. Developments in micro-processor and electronic equipment enable more reliable and accurate devices to be fitted to provide these functions 

Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)

There are a number of micro-processor based AVR's which provide accurate setting of control parameters and faster control loops. Typically these employ an excitation current control loop which gives faster response time during system changes 

Generator Protection

Microprosser based generator protection equipment provides accurate and repeatable tripping functions that are less susceptible to spurious operation. This gives more stable system operation and fast and responsive reaction to genuine fault conditions

Load control

Localised grid systems need to be protected from the effects of one or more generators tripping from the system. If no action is taken the system can suffer complete collapse if the other generators fail to pick up the load. Load control systems provide load shedding functions based on connected load and spinning reserve. 

Auto Synchronisers

Automatic synchronisers are used in generator applications which require automatic run up and or remote operation.

Integrated Generator Control system 

The TCL IGCS system provides a cost effective solution to generator control and protection which will enable operators to achieve a step change in reliability.

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