Gas Turbine Fuel Systems

Posiflow Liquid fuel system for Gas Turbines

A robust and accurate fuel modulation system for all types of liquid fuel, including aggressive and highly viscous fluids such as Naptha or Heavy Fuel Oil. The system has also been tested extensively using different types of Bio-Fuel.

Standard Posiflow systems have been developped by TCL for integration into existing gas turbine fuel systems:

  • Rolls Royce Avon fuel systems
  • Rolls Royce Olympus fuel systems
  • GE Frame 3/5 fuel systems

EGV Gas Throttle Valve

Electrically operated gas fuel control valve for use with all types of gas fuel.

Gas shut-off valves

Electrical and pneumatic shut-off valves for gas fuel shutdown and isolation.

Gas fuel valve packages

Complete gas fuel packages with control and shut-off valves mounted on one easy to install skid.

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