Complete Systems

Designed to replace the existing control panel suite with all control and protection functions:

  • PLC controller, simplex, duty/standby or TMR hardware configuration. Programmed with:
    • Fuel governor control
    • Start up sequence control
    • Alarm and trip protection
    • Temperature/Pressure monitoring
  • HMI hardwired and PC based
  • AVR for generating sets
  • Generator protection
  • Compressor surge control

Systems designed to interface seamlessly with the retained plant enabling:

  • Step change in reliability
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Vastly improved diagnostics
  • Improved maintainability

Our team of design engineers use the latest software and design techniques to produce an integrated system that will:

  • Minimise the system cost
  • Reduce the outage time for installation
  • Produce a payback period based in months rather than years

Example shown are the control panels for the standby generators at Bruce B nuclear power station in Ontario, Canada.

GE Frame 3 and 5

Ruston TA/TB/TD/Tornado/Typhoon

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