Case Studies

TCL have performed numerous engineering studies for clients. Shown below are two examples of these:

Boston Eddison

TCL where employed by Boston Eddison as consultants to review the design and installation of a control system supplied by Woodward Governor Co. TCL were selected for this task due to there past experience with the type of gas turbine at the power plant, namely a twin RR Avon based unit.

Shell UK

The gas turbines on the Shell Brent, Cormorant and Dunlin fields are required to perform load rejections without full or partial flame-out. The hydro-mechanical governor system had been notoriously difficult to set-up in order to achieve consistently successful load rejections.

TCL analysed the control system, performed a number of workshop tests then visited site to confirm the design settings. This resulted in 100% successful full load load rejection testing and a system set-up procedure that allowed Shell technicians to maintain the system.

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